Camping De Krabbeplaat

Oude Veerdam 4, 3231 NC Brielle, Netherlands - See map on Google Maps
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  • Swimming pool
  • Kids' club
  • Animals allowed
  • Wifi
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Establishment Camping De Krabbeplaat - Brielle
Bathing Camping De Krabbeplaat - Brielle
Beaches Camping De Krabbeplaat - Brielle
Services & amenities Camping De Krabbeplaat - Brielle
Entertainment organised Camping De Krabbeplaat - Brielle
Sport activities Camping De Krabbeplaat - Brielle
Leisure Activities Camping De Krabbeplaat - Brielle
Gorgeous 6 Campers reviews
Camping De Krabbeplaat is a 4-star family campsite in South Holland with numerous amenities. It is located in a beautiful countryside offering unlimited possibilities and activities. Whether you are young or old, a family or a couple, you will feel at home at De Krabbeplaat. Camping De Krabbeplaat is located in the wooded area of a vast and splendid recreation area, directly on the lake the Brielse meer. The campsite has its own harbor, a water skiing school and of course you can moor your own boat. The Krabbeplaat is a stone's throw away from the sea and neighboring an area with vast polders, quaint villages and historic towns.

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  • All stays 6 available
  • 3 rental available
  • 3 camping pitches available
Camping pitches
  • Pitch - Pitch - Camping De Krabbeplaat


    • Minimum size (sqm): 80
    • Wheelchair friendly: yes
    • Pets: accepted under conditions
    • Electricity
    • Sunny pitch
    per week
  • Pitch - Pitch Small Tent - Camping De Krabbeplaat

    Pitch Small Tent

    • Minimum size (sqm): 40
    • Pets: accepted under conditions
    • Electricity
    per week
  • Pitch - Camper Pitch - Camping De Krabbeplaat

    Camper Pitch

    • Pets: accepted under conditions
    • Electricity
    per week
  • Accommodation - Hiker Cabines - Camping De Krabbeplaat

    Hiker Cabines

    • Wheelchair access: yes
    • separate bedrooms : 1
    • Kitchen: 1
    • Pets not allowed
    • No sanitary block (bathroom + toilets)
    per week
  • Accommodation - Hikershut Plus - Camping De Krabbeplaat

    Hikershut Plus

    • Kitchen: 1
    • Pets not allowed
    • No toilets
    • No bathroom
    per week
  • Accommodation - Chalet - Camping De Krabbeplaat


    • Pets: accepted under conditions
    • separate bedrooms : 2
    • Kitchen: 1
    • Bathroom : 1
    • Toilet: 1
    per week

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